How to Change Boots and Equipment in Death Stranding

In Death Stranding, players need to worry about the quality of Sam’s boots while they’re completing deliveries. Sam’s boots play a huge part, not only because they’re taking him everywhere he needs to go, but because they protect his feet. If players use a certain pair of boots for too long, they’ll get plenty of wear and tear, making them less optimized, and they’ll end up hurting Sam, causing him to lose health. Here’s how you change them, along with other pieces of equipment.

How to Change Boots and Equipment in Death Stranding

You’ll notice the quality of Sam’s boots whenever you’re on the menu screen or viewing any of his vitals. The boot outline indicates them, and typically they have a light blue bar next to them (not to be confused with the dark blue stamina bar). The stamina bar goes down and up constantly, whereas the boot quality bar steadily goes down following prolonged use in the game. It only ever goes up when Sam replaces them for a brand new pair.

To change out a player’s boots, they need to go into their Cargo Management screen by hitting the “Options” button and swapping over to Cargo. From there, proceed to the “On Boot Clip” section for the second pair of boots. However, players can go to anywhere on Sam’s cargo page to grab a pair of boots he’s carrying. Go to them, and then click the “X” button. From there, go to the down to the “Put on Footwear” command to swap them out.

This action exchanges the current pair he’s wearing with the one he’s carrying. Now, the older pair are in Sam’s standard cargo. Because they have wear and tear on them, players should take the used couple to the nearest terminal and have them recycled. If players cannot find any pair they had, or made, in their cargo inventory, make sure to check out the Private Locker at any of the Delivery Terminals in the game to see if they’re hiding in there.

Players are going to get access to making boots after completing “Order No. 7. Recovery: Chiral Printer Interface” during Episode 2 of the game. At this point, whenever Sam needs a new pair, he can visit a terminal at any of the facilities or distribution cities to create them. Players are likely going to want to create two pairs, so Sam has one to wear and one to spare.

The same process works for other pieces of equipment, such as the Portable Chiral Constructor (PCC), rope, ladders, container repair spray, and more. Make sure when these items get made, they end up in Sam’s cargo before he leaves for a delivery to get the full use of them because Sam cannot call these from his Private Locker.

That’s everything you need to know about changing out boots and other equipment in Death Stranding. If you’re having trouble making these items, go out of your way to recover lost materials out in the world or steal them off MULE raiders. While the MULE boots are not going to have the same quality as Bridges Boots, they’re good to use in a quick pinch.