How to Change Pets in Stardew Valley


If you don’t like the initial options you picked out in Stardew Valley, you have the choice to change them. But it does cost you a pretty penny, and you need to go out of your way to make it happen. For those of you who don’t like the pet of animal you have running around your farmland, here’s how you change it.

You have to access the Shrine of Illusion. You need to visit the Wizard at his tower, which is found to the southwest of your farm. You can look for it to the left side of the map; it will be marked as the large, blue tower.

When you hover over it, it should read “Wizard’s Tower.” Go to it and speak to the Wizard.

You won’t find the Wizard on the first level of the tower. You need to check out the lower levels of Wizard’s Tower, but to do so, you need to have at least a four heart friendship with him. To gain it, you can provide him these items as gifts:

  • Purple Mushroom
  • Solar Essence
  • Super Cucumber
  • Void Essence

He also likes Quartz, but it doesn’t give as much friendship as the other four options. His birthday is in the Winter on the 17. Any gifts you offer him on this date will have increased effects.

After you have enough friendship with him, proceed down to the basement to use the Shrine of Illusion. Stand in front of it and offer 500 gold pieces to change your appearance. You can change several basic features of your character, and you have the chance to alter the species of the animal wandering around your farm.

You should have a few options for the cat and the dog.