How to change the camera angle in NBA 2K21

It’s quick, and easy.

When starting up NBA 2K21 for the first time, it’s probably a good idea to change the camera angle before doing anything else. Initially, the NBA 2K21 camera angle will be set to the standard broadcast angle, but it can be tough to get a good view of the court from it. So how do you change the camera angle in NBA 2K21? Let’s go over what you have to do.

First off, it’s highly recommended that you take care of this before playing an online game. The reason being that in order to change the camera angle, you will have to press pause during a game. With that said, the first step you should take is to boot up a local game in order to fix the camera.

From there, press the Pause button and select Camera at the menu. Here, you will see a number of options, such as Zoom, Height, Key Zoom, and Rev Angle. You can also scroll through the different camera settings by hitting LB/RB (for Xbox), or L1/R1 (for PlayStation).

A look at the menu for changing the camera angle.

Ideally, you should pick a low Zoom angle and a high Height angle. Doing so will raise the camera, thus giving you a clearer view of the whole court. In addition, our recommendation is to turn change the camera option to Drive or High by hitting LB/RB (for Xbox) or L1/R1 (for PlayStation). While the broadcast angle is nice to look at, it’s hard to work with when playing games. Setting the angle to Drive or High will give you a vertical look at the action, which, in our opinion, is easier to work with.

Note: This article has been updated from its previous version.