How to change the camera angle in NHL 22

A look from above.

Image via EA Sports

Camera angles are important, both in the broadcast world of hockey, and when playing NHL 22. The right camera angle can help the user see more of the ice, and set up big plays. So, how can you set up the right camera angle in NHL 22? Let’s go over the details.

To change the camera angle, go to the Settings menu. This can be done either in the NHL 22 main menu, or at the in-game Pause screen. Then, scroll over to the Audio & Visual Settings tab and click on it. Here, you will find a number of camera settings. To change the actual camera angle, move over to the Camera setting. You’ll be able to choose from a plethora of options, including a Dynamic camera, a Broadcast angle, or an Overhead setting. Additionally, you can turn the Auto Zoom on or off, as well as change the direction of the camera perspective.

As far as recommendations go, we suggest to set this to Overhead. While other camera angles could give you more of a realistic, TV-like experience, or let you see everything low to the ice, this angle will allow the user to see more of the ice. The more ice you can see, the better you’ll be able to set up plays.