How to change your appearance in Monster Hunter Rise

Make your character look perfect.

Image via Capcom

When you begin Monster Hunter World, you’ll go through the character creation process of making your character’s appearance. You’ll do the same for your starting Palamute and your Palico companions. When you’re finished with that, you can jump straight into the game. It’s not explained, but there is a way for players to go back to that character selection screen and alter their character’s looks. Because the armor is consistently changing, you might want to make small changes to your character’s appearance.

To change your character’s appearance, all you have to do is visit any of the item boxes in Monster Hunter Rise, and there will be a Appearance Setting options as the fourth option. Scroll down to it, select it, and you’ll reenter the character selection screen, just like the one you began when you started the game.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Your character will be in the outfit you initially picked out for them at the start of the game. You can pick from many of the first settings you could choose when you were creating your character. Once you’ve decided on the new changes, accept them, and then your character is ready to return to their adventure. This service does not cost anything.