How to change your defensive user in Madden 21

A quick tutorial on changing your user in Madden 21.

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In Madden 21, it’s crucial to know how to change the player that you want to control on defense. Knowing how to do so will set you nicely for battle and play up to your strengths. For example, if you want to attempt to steamroll through the offensive line, you may want to choose an outside linebacker, or pick a defensive lineman and work with the new skill stick. You may want to bat down or intercept passes in the secondary with safety or defensive back. But whatever your plan is, you first will need to be able to change your user, and it’s pretty simple.

To change the user on defense, you will need to hit B/Circle to switch from one defensive player from another. It may take a few moments to get yourself set, as hitting B/Circle will rotate the user from one player to another. Because of this, it may take a few presses to get to the exact player you want to control. However, you can make it simpler if the current user is next to a player you want to control.

You can hit B/Circle and shift the left analog stick to the direction of the player that you want to control, and this will change the user to that play. To illustrate, if the user is on an inside linebacker, and you want the user with the linebacker to his immediate left, press B/Circle and shift the left stick, and the user will move to that new player.

Once the user is on the specific player you want to control, you should be good to go. However, if you want to move the player around on the field in a particular spot, move the left stick around until the player is in the correct position.