How to change your nickname in NBA 2K21

A partial fix that’ll put minds at ease.

Did you know that your nickname in NBA 2K21 MyCareer is Junior? Okay, you probably do as the announcers say it with every breath you take on the court. It doesn’t help that story characters constantly say this with each sentence directed towards you. It obviously becomes a massive headache over time, but this can be avoided.

Hiding in plain sight, there are over 70 different nicknames you can choose from that aren’t repeated reminders that you are your father’s son. This is where you can find them.

  • Step one: In either The Neighborhood or the MyCareer main menu, go to the Options tab furthest to the right.
  • Step two: On the bottom left, click on the Settings icon.
  • Step three: The third option down is where you can change your nickname, with the fourth option giving you the ability to alter your social media handle.

This will ultimately make the in-game announcers call you by your chosen nickname. Unfortunately, those in cutscenes will continue to call you Junior, as it is part of the recorded dialogue.

For players that aren’t in the NBA quite yet, you will notice that “Junior” is plastered on the back of your high school and college uniforms. This is also part of the story, but it will display your character’s last name once you’re in the league.