How to change your weapons and armor in Monster Hunter Rise

Equip the best.

Weapons and armor are the basics of your loadout in Monster Hunter Rise. There are a huge variety of armors and weapons and available in the game, and it can be a little confusing about how to change them for new players.

While most games make this pretty obvious, Monster Hunter has traditionally done things a little differently. To change your weapons and armor, you will need to visit the item box in the center of town.

Interact with the item box, then select Manage Equipment. To change your gear, select “Change Equipment” and it will show you a full list of your weapons and armor pieces. Click on each one to bring up all the available options, then select the one you wish to equip.

You can also set up specific loadouts by selecting the Equipment Loadouts option. Here you can set up sets of weapons and armors that might be useful against very specific monsters. You can build into a resistance or damage type to give yourself the best survivability against certain types.

This will allow you to quickly change your entire loadout when you are going on specific hunts. Finally, you can choose to sell items and weapons that you no longer need from the item box. You can use this option to get rid of older weapons and armor that you no longer need, and generate a bit more cash.