How to clear anomalies in Solar Ash

Black ooze isn’t gonna clean itself up.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Solar Ash might be a roller coaster of a game, but all that movement means nothing if you keep getting stuck in the black ooze that covers the planet. When this gunk pools together, it’s known as an “anomaly.” Clearing every anomaly is required to finish the game, so you’re going to want to know how. We’ve got a few tips for you.

Every anomaly is cleared in generally the same fashion: you need to strike the syringe-like weak points with your sword or sometimes grapple to a point that’s out of reach. The pattern changes with every single anomaly — think of them like fast-paced puzzles. But even though no two anomalies are alike, you can use the same strategy for each one: every time you destroy a weak point, a glowing red-white line will appear along the attached surface, giving you a clear path to follow. No matter how the anomaly is structured, you can look for this line to guide you to each successive weak point.

Of course, there’s also a timer for each weak point, and it can be longer or shorter than normal depending on which difficulty level you’re playing on. Fail to reach the next one in time, and the black ooze heats up to dangerous levels — you’ll lose a shield hit if you’re still in contact with the crud when this happens. Make generous use of your boosters to keep moving, as that little push forward can make the difference. Note that you can also get something of a boost while climbing, which is often a big part of clearing an anomaly. Press the boost button, and our hero Rei will leap up, climbing just a bit faster for a brief moment. Tapping this button can get you across climbable surfaces much quicker. Finally, be sure to use Timeslip whenever a grapple point comes into play. It slows down time for a moment, yes, but more importantly, it extends the reach of your grappling hook. Sometimes this is outright required, but you can use it for any grapple point (assuming your cooldown is finished) to get extra reach and zip to a point faster than normal.

Altogether, these tips will help you clear every anomaly. Even though each one is different from the last, you can apply the same strategies of following the line, boosting, and grappling to set yourself up for success. Rei is a headstrong hero, and tackling every anomaly with nonstop speed is the key to success.