How to collect all Centerpiece Rewards in NBA 2K23 MyTeam Season 2

Use this guide to unlock powerful Pink Diamonds in the rough.

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One of the most exciting additions to NBA 2K23 MyTeam has been the Trophy Case Rewards. The Trophy Case holds powerful Pink Diamond rated cards. This allows you to collect past legends such as Jeremy Lin of the Knicks, Derek Rose of the Bulls, and Peja Stojakovic of the Kings. In season one, you had five opportunities to collect the Centerpiece of each franchise. In season two you can collect 10. This also means that if you’ve been grinding correctly, you will be able to complete one entire conference and earn one of the cards needed to unlock Dark Matter Larry Bird.

How to obtain Trophy Case Collectables in NBA 2K23 MyTeam

Every trophy case card needs you to obtain 16 different collectibles celebrating different accomplishments. Most of these are given to you in abundance, both as random pack rewards, and wild card selector rewards. In order to redeem the selectors, you have to navigate to the exchange and choose between the East and West Conference. The other thing you have to actively choose to do is make sure you complete each team’s NBA 23 Series 1 Set using MyTeam Tokens. Bench players only cost two tokens, but the starters for each team vary wildly, so make sure you have enough before you spend your tokens.

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How to obtain Centerpiece Collectables in NBA 2K23 MyTeam

  • Spend 1,500 tokens in the token market (claimable twice this season, you need a total of 3,000 tokens.)
  • Triple threat offline 250 wins (these will slowly increase in difficulty, but you can restart any that aren’t going well, it’s 3v3 play to 21 and win by 2. Just shoot and hope for the best.)
  • Clutch time offline 100 wins (this is a 5v5 mode where you play a five-minute quarter with no subs, a reduced shot clock and a 4-point line, shooters shine here but so does good defense.)
  • Player card collection reward: 950 cards This reward thankfully won’t expire at the end of the season. All you need to do is have 950 different player cards in your collection, with new cards dropping every week this should be finished by the middle to the end of season 2.
  • Clutch time online: 100 wins online mode will be much harder to complete, make sure you bring your best starting five and play to your strengths.
  • Triple threat online 100 wins (you need to make sure you bring in a nice defense. Be sure not to leave anyone open as real players are much more likely to hit open shots.)
  • 6,000 points in Unlimited (A nice change this year has been that in Unlimited in NBA 2K23 you get progress whether you win or lose, so while this number might sound daunting it’s actually one of the easier ones on the list.)
  • Triple threat Competitive co-op: 250 wins (this is like the Rec in MyCareer but you each bring a card from your lineup. You can do this with or without friends.)

We don’t currently know how to collect the 10th Centerpiece that 2K has promised this season, but this guide will be updated as soon as we do.