How to command your wingman in The Falconeer

Falcon squad goals.

How to command your wingman in The Falconeer
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The Falconeer can be a lonely affair at times, but you are not left to fight every battle alone. During main missions, you are often given a wingman to accompany you, and how you use them can determine how battles play out.

Your AI wingman is smart enough to tackle enemies during fights. However, if you need a hand with a particularly difficult enemy, you can ask them for help. This can be used in an attacking and defensive sense, and the wingman system isn’t an overly complicated one once you know how it works.

To command your wingman, you will need to lock onto an enemy first. Read our targeting guide on how to do so. Once you know how this works, you can command your wingman effectively. With a target selected, press left on the Xbox One controller D-pad to tell your wingman to attack that foe. Your companion will stop shooting their own target and help you take down your enemy instead. Once they have been dealt with, your AI wingman will go back to dealing with other threats.

Alternatively, you can tell your AI companion to defend you. This is useful if a foe is doing plenty of damage to you. To command your wingman to defend you, press right on the D-pad. They will swoop in and intercept the enemy that is on your tail. Hopefully, they will destroy that foe and enable you to retreat to a safe distance and regain some health.