How to complete Allay Their Fears in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Let loose those glorious souls before you gain some Bastion rep.

Image via Blizzard

Starting and finishing the quest Allay Their Fears in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands feel like they came from different developers. Although this quest gives you a way to finish, figuring out what to do in the end isn’t obvious. That’s where we come in.

When you pick up the quest, you’ll take Korinna’s Allaying Crook with you. While this is in your possession, you should start killing as many enemies around you as possible. For each one that dies, use the Allaying Crook, and watch your bar fill up. You’ll need it at 100% before you complete the final step of the ritual, and this will take a bit of time, as you only get about 5% with each mob you defeat. Furthermore, you might have to use the item directly from your bag instead of clicking the quest icon, as this can be a bit buggy.

Head to 49.6, 59.8 (almost the same spot as where you first picked up the crook), and stand in front of the pillar. Interact with the blue circle at your feet, and you will begin to empty the contents of the crook. It will count down from 30, but it might finish before it gets to 0. This will complete the world quest and get you a small chunk of rep with The Ascended.