How to complete Amame’s Psync in AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative

Buzzers at the ready.

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The central plot in AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative is solving the Half Body Serial Killings. As part of that investigation, Ryuki will dive into the subconscious of characters to find out what lies within their heart using the Psync Machine. Amame’s Psync in AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative has moments where the dream logic of Amame’s subconscious makes things difficult but here is everything you need to know if you’re struggling to finish the section in time.

How to get 100% in Amame’s Psync

Amame’s Psync is set up like a TV quiz show, hosted and championed by our old friend Komeji. To unlock Amame’s subconscious and find out what happened to her the previous night, we need to beat Komeji at his own game.

Unlike other sections of the game, it isn’t possible to “fail” at Amame’s Psync. Instead, you might not get as good a score, but answering correctly won’t impact the story in the end. This guide will give you the information you need to know to get a 100% score at the end of the quiz and earn the achievement for it.

Scavenger Hunt

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The first set of questions is a scavenger hunt to find objects in the room that pertain to the song playing. Knowing the name of the songs is key here. The first one is Ode to Joy from Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9. Your task is to walk around the studio and find the correct item that goes along with this song. The answer is the “Vokeman” portable music player on the far side of the studio, next to the large number “9” on a marker.

Question two will require you to find something that can represent Symphony No. 5, once again by Beethoven. You will need to find the elephant trinket with the large “5” sign next to it, because of the name of the song.

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This opens you up to the last question in the music round. Another piece of classical music will play, this one drumming up a memory for Ryuki. It is titled Air on a G String by Bach. You need to find the robot that Shoma had in his room when you spoke to him the first time and select it since it has the “G” sign next to it.

This will complete the Scavenger Hunt portion of the quiz show. Whether you got the questions right or wrong, you’ll advance to the next part of the game and be shown a broken-up video of Amame in her maid costume, unlocking Mental Lock 1 and setting the stage for the Occult Quiz, hosted by Iris.

Occult Quiz

For the second part of Amame’s Psync, Iris will show you two lists of words and ask you which set represents a historical secret society and to name the secret society. One of the Keys that pops up told you that Amame always chooses “the right option,” which is a not-so-subtle hint that all the correct answers will be B.

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However, you still need to type in the word that ties all these words together. If you’ve been paying attention to the nuggets of information that Tama has been dropping at the top of your screen throughout the game, you’ll recognize the correct answer. Return to your seat and interact with the Answer button there. At the prompt, enter Freemasons into the text box to answer correctly.

Another list will pop up, this time detailing mysterious animals that have been sighted in parts of the world. Again, Tama has given you the answer to this one in the past. The answer is B. At the prompt, type in Chupacabra to move forward with the quiz.

The final set of words comes around. This time, the answer is Subliminal, another word that Tama has thrown out earlier in the game as part of her hints and tips. Type it in and get ready for another quick cutscene showing the delicate state of Amame’s mind thanks to her encounter with Tearer. Next is the Spot the Difference round, hosted by Gen.

Spot the Difference

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This part of the quiz comes with a venue change. You’ll be moved to a warehouse with monitors on all sides. You need to spot what is different between what is on the screen and what is in the room with Tama. It is a bit easier than it looks; look for the differences between what is on the monitors around the room and what is in front of Tama.

First, turn to the blue monitor. You’ll see a blue person standing beside the crate, but no blue person next to the crate. Interact with the magazines on the ground to score a point. Next, you need to find the blue figure split into two, with Shoma kneeling beside it. On the screen, it is shown as a wrench, so that is a second difference.

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The third difference is hidden behind the crate next to the split figure. In the monitor, you can see Mizuki jumping up the crate. Instead, she is lying on the ground surrounded by blood in the “real” world. Interact with her body to score another point. For the fourth difference, go to the other side of the crate from Mizuki and see Kizuna in a similar state. Interact with her to get the final point for the round.

Ultimate 50/50

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Another cutscene will play, with Amame’s Psync playing out some of the most troubling and frightening images in the case so far. Komeji will introduce the next part of the quiz, the Ultimate 50/50. Tama will be forced to sit in the chair in the middle of the stage and asked bizarre questions that don’t seem to have a right or wrong answer.

In fact, there isn’t a right or wrong answer to any of these questions. You just have five seconds to answer anything. Even if you fail to answer a question in time, Komeji will just repeat it for you until you finally answer. Another cutscene will come up and the quiz will take a much more sinister turn ahead of the final stage.

The Final Stage

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This part of the quiz show will consist of four final questions. Get them all right and Tama and Ryuki will win the game. No pressure, right?

An image will come on the screen and Tama will be asked a question about it. Any answer will do, but if you’re going for the achievement for having extra time at the end of Amame’s Psync, be sure to use the Timie you gain during Question 2 on the following question. Otherwise, you’ll be out of luck.

Amame’s PSync comes to an end with a quick cutscene that leaves both Ryuki and Tama frustrated with the result. You’ll be able to move on to the next chapter of the game with a little more information, though.