How to complete An Indelible Stain in No Man’s Sky Expedition 4: Emergence

Mine the curse.


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An Indelible Stain is the fifth Milestone in Phase two of No Man’s Sky Expedition 4: Emergence. To complete it, you need to mine a specific resource that only appears on cursed worlds in this Expedition. This guide will help you identify the resource and mine enough of it to complete the Milestone.

How to complete An Indelible Stain

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To complete An Indelible Stain, you need to harvest 512 Cursed Dust from a cursed planet. This is only possible on the starting planet for the Expedition or the worlds with Rendezvous Points on them. Don’t try looking for Cursed Dust anywhere else because it seems to be intrinsically linked with the story of Expedition 4: Emergence.

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You can identify Cursed Dust Deposits on cursed worlds using your scanner. They have the same symbol that all mineral deposits use, but they’ll be labeled Cursed Dust. You’ll need to travel to a few of these because so many players are harvesting this stuff. We found multiple sources where there was nothing but a hole in the ground because someone else had already come along to mine all of the Cursed Dust. If you can find two untapped veins of it, though, you should complete this Milestone reasonably quickly.

Once you’ve harvested enough Cursed Dust, you can claim the Optical Drill Plans, 512 Liquid Sun, and a Banned Life Support Upgrade from the Expedition Menu.