How to complete Resist The Flames in No Man’s Sky Expedition 4: Emergence

You’re going to get hot.


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Resist The Flames is the third Milestone in the second Phase of No Man’s Sky Expedition 4: Emergence. To complete it, you need to expose yourself to some severe heat, but you don’t necessarily need to take any damage from it. This guide covers how to complete the Milestone safely and efficiently.

How to complete Resist The Flames

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To complete Resist The Flames, you need to walk or run for 3,000u on a planet where you’re exposed to extreme heat. You can clock up progress for this Milestone on any planet that has extreme heat or exposes you to it in storms. However, you can guarantee progress by sticking to the first two cursed planets in this Expedition.

These cursed planets are the two you travel to for the first and second Rendezvous Points. The very first planet you spawn on also has storms with extreme heat. Walking around outside on any of these worlds will help you complete this Milestone. We found that the fastest way to progress the Milestone was to wait for a storm, then run around our ship. When the hazard protection got too low, we jumped back into the ship to let it recharge. Then, we hopped back out when it had charged back up until we eventually completed the Milestone.

The Milestone will complete as you hit 3,000u traveled. Once finished, you can claim three Hypnotic Eyes and a Terrifying Sample: Ever-Boiling Cake from the Expedition Menu.