How to complete Black Tea Partner in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero – Restaurant location

A favor for a friend.

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There are multiple quests you can complete in the My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero mobile game. A majority of these quests are completed by following the auto movement, making it much easier to complete them quickly. Some of them, such as the Black Tea Partner quest, are manual exploration ones, and you’ll have to wander around the Honei City to find it.

How to get the Black Tea Partner quest

You can find this quest in the Honei Training Area. You’ll need to speak with Momo Tooyorozu. You can find her next to a small dining area. She’s looking for an item to compliment her Black Tea for the snack party she’s throwing. You need to bring back a particular item to submit to her, which you can only obtain from a specific location.

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Find the Restaurant

The location you need to visit is not in the Honei Training Area. Instead, it’s in the Honei Urban Area. You’ll be on the lookout for a restaurant, represented by a fork and knife icon. You’ll need to travel this location and then pull up your map to find it, clicking on it to have your hero run over towards it immediately.

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When you arrive inside the restaurant, speak to the owner, a cat-like creature in a well-tailored suit. Speak to him, and ask to purchase the food he’s selling. One of the notable items will be a Delicious Blueberry Muffin. You can buy this for 1,000 Credits.

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After purchasing the Delicious Blueberry Muffin, bring it back to Momo to turn in. She’ll be grateful that you grabbed the item for her, she’ll tell you the location of a collectible in the city you can now find and add to your inventory.