How to complete Dirty Money, Dirty Deeds in Red Dead Online – Blood Money

Earn your keep.

Image via Rockstar Games

The Dirty Money, Dirty Deeds mission is available for those interested in completing Blood Money Crimes in Red Dead Online. These crimes earn you Capitale, and when you earn enough of it, you’ll be able to unlock unique opportunities that you can complete for Guido Martelli. You do have to put in quite a bit of work to acquire enough Capitale to earn enough reputation, and the Dirty Money, Dirty Deeds Blood Crimes quest is one that you can repeat.

When the quest begins, you’ll have to go after the camp where the robbers have their Capitale stash. It won’t be too far from your starting location, right next to Lagras.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you arrive, there will be a handful of bandits in camp. You can choose to use your gun on them immediately or try to use stealth and eliminate them using any melee weapon you have on you. Your primary goal will be to enter the camp and find the valuables. Once you’re nearby the valuables, stand near them to pick them up. However, as soon as you do that, the law will arrive, so you’ll need to leave the area immediately, or they will chase after you. We recommend bringing your horse to your location before your grab the valuables.

You need to lose the law and also the bandits chasing after you. A pair of bandits will arrive at your location while you have the valuables every so often while carrying them. Once you lose your Wanted rating, you can go to the drop-off point to dispose of the valuables and receive your Capitale payment.

Screenshot by Gamepur