How to complete Drawing Out the Poison in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

This could be a bumpy ride in many different ways.

Image via Blizzard

While marking some world quests off your list in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, you might find Drawing Out the Poison appearing on your map in Maldraxxus. As is tradition with a new expansion, the bugs in this quest might give you some issues when trying to complete everything. We’ll help you get around them as much as possible on your way to earning some rep.

Upon auto-accepting the world quest, you’ll need to hop on a flight with Grimshadow. The map will show you the exact location of Grimshadow, so buckle up and enjoy the scenery as you fly toward the Flaydewing Nesting Grounds. You will depart in the Bony Spindles, full of hostile enemies. Follow the path to your objective by using the arrow on your minimap, as it’s a straight shot to the Phylactery of Arin’gore.

It’s extremely important that you crack open the golden egg and pick up the Phylactery. You need to use this item from your bags to destroy it, which will summon Arin’gore. Although your main objective is to kill Arin’gore, you won’t receive any credit for completing the quest if you don’t destroy the Phylactery right after looting it from the egg. If there’s someone else currently fighting Arin’gore, you’ll have to wait until the corpse disappears so you can summon once more.

After you complete the battle, make sure you head over to Grimshadow to get out of the Bony Spindles, unless you’re willing to use your hearthstone.