How to complete Flight School: Up and Away! in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Take flight and shake your booty to get around those wonderful Blizzard bugs.

Image via Blizzard

One of the current world quests in rotation for Bastion in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is called Flight School: Up and Away! It should be a fun platforming experience, jumping from flower to flower while earning a chunk of XP and increasing your rep with The Ascended.

Unfortunately, this world quest has been notoriously bugged since the release of Shadowlands. Blizzard’s priorities have been elsewhere, and for now, Flight School requires some careful manipulation as you navigate the sky flowers on your way to the goal.

The issue seems to be with the way World of Warcraft’s engine detects movement. As you sail toward each flower, you risk falling through the platform if you move directly to each flower in a straight line. However, if you wiggle your character from left to right with the A and D keys or your right mouse button, you can ensure that you strike the exact location on the center of the flower to launch yourself to the next one.

Keep this strategy in mind as you glide toward the temple platform and complete the quest. Bear in mind that if Flight School is active as a world quest, you won’t be able to teleport to the Eonian Archives like normal, and you’ll have to do the quest just to reach the area.