How to complete Hubris challenge in Hitman 3

Make the Peacock proud 47.


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The Hubris challenge in Hitman 3 requires you to take on the toughest challenge in The Pride Profusion Escalation. This guide covers all of the choices you need to make to complete the challenge in your run through the themed series of missions in Chongqing.

Please the Peacock

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To complete the Hubris challenge in Hitman 3, you need to do exactly what the Peacock wants. This is linked with each of the three levels in The Pride Profusion. You’ll need to load the Escalation up and restart it from the beginning if you’ve made any progress. Every choice that follows must be completed in a single run of the Escalation, meaning you must complete every level from start to finish before the challenge can be unlocked.

Level 1

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In the Escalation’s first level, you need to pick up the Tanto sword from the Peacock. This is the more challenging route through the Escalation. You’ll have to climb up and around the nearby apartment building to take out your targets, and you must hide every body, including subdued NPCs before you can complete the mission. You don’t need to maintain a rank of Silent Assassin to complete this challenge.

Level 2

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Unfortunately, you’ll have to pick up all three syringes in the second level of this Escalation for the Hubris challenge instead of the lovely sniper rifle. Make sure you avoid the sniper rifle and pick up all three. Otherwise, you’ll be one short for your targets. Once again, you don’t have to get a Silent Assassin rank for this challenge. However, it might help if you treat this level as a Silent Assassin run because it’ll be easier to sneak up to each target and kill them if you do.

Level 3

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In the final level of this Escalation, you must kill every target with the fiber wire. This is Agent 47’s signature weapon, and while it’s quiet, it adds a huge difficulty spike to the mission. You’ll need to pick up every Tier Dongle for security access throughout the underground ICA facility. Otherwise, you won’t be able to reach your targets. Keep in mind that a Silent Assassin rank isn’t essential once again, but it’s advised because of how quickly things can get out of hand in this section of Chongqing.


As we’ve mentioned multiple times, you can complete this challenge with any rank, as long as you use each of the items we’ve outlined. If you’re trying to get a Silent Assassin rank, remember that your target can see you, and you can still retain it. All you have to do is kill them, and the rank will be restored.

You must find the Peacock before you can start each level of the Escalation properly. This adds a short introductory run for all levels and adds a layer of timing to prepare during. If you’re struggling with a particular section, use this time to grab any items from the map that you might need. You can use your camera to close windows, open doors, and turn off cameras in the underground ICA facility. Use it to your full advantage if you can’t find an easy path forward.