How to complete Log 1: Emergency in No Man’s Sky Expedition 8: Polestar

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Log 1: Emergency is the first Milestone in Phase one of No Man’s Sky Expedition 8: Polestar. To complete it, you need to access your Freighter’s log, but that’s likely something you’ve never had to do before. This guide explains how to complete Log 1: Emergency so you can kick this Expedition off on the right foot and progress quickly.

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How to check your Freighter’s log

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To check your Freighter’s log, you need to find the ship’s captain and speak to them. The captain will be on the Freighter’s bridge and is usually sat on the chair at the top of the steps in front of the computer. Interact with them to speak to them and see a few dialogue choices. The one you need to pick is “Access ship’s log.” This will open a new window and display your Freighter’s log, but it’s not good news. It seems as though your Freighter was warping between systems when the engines failed, and a lot of other systems broke down. Now you’re trapped and need to repair the Freighter before you can move on.

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Once you leave the text window that displays the log, the Milestone will be completed, and you should see an on-screen notification telling you as much. You can now claim 2 Starship Inventory Slots, a Salvaged Frigate Module, 2 Wiring Loom, a Cargo Bulkhead, and the Purple Paint Freighter Customisation from the Expedition menu.

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This is an easy Milestone to complete. While you could leave it until later in the Expedition when you’ve got a few other Milestones under your belt, it’s best to complete them in order to track rewards. At times, the rewards from previous Milestones are essential to completing subsequent Phases.