How to find black holes in No Man’s Sky

Stare into the abyss.


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Black holes are one of the most ominous objects in the universe. They’re so dense that time and space itself are warped around them, making them impossible to see at any distance, and just as impossible to escape once you’ve strayed too close. This guide explains how to find black holes in No Man’s Sky because while they might be dangerous, they’re also quite useful.

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Where to find a black hole in No Man’s Sky

There are a few ways to find a black hole in No Man’s Sky. In this section, we’ve outlined every method you can use so you can pick the one that’s easiest for you and go with it.

Ask Polo for coordinates

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Specialist Polo in the Anomaly is able to give you coordinates to a black hole freely. You’ll need to progress the Artemis questline a little to find the Anomaly, but once you have, you can summon it and board it whenever you want. The coordinates for the black hole will appear in the galaxy map when you next open it. Warp to that system, and you should be able to find the black hole floating somewhere around one of the planets.

Stumble upon them

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You’re able to find black holes organically while exploring the galaxy in No Man’s Sky. There’s no real way to guarantee you’ll find one this way, but it’s worth knowing that you can accidentally find one while you’re out on your travels completing the other quests you may have.

Complete the Atlas story path

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Following the Atlas story path will eventually lead you to the center of the galaxy. After completing it, every black hole in the game will be added to your galaxy map, so you’ll be able to track them as you warp from system to system.

What do black holes do?

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Black holes are objects in No Man’s Sky that can be used to wap to new parts of the galaxy. You do this by flying into them, but you can’t guarantee where you’ll come out. In addition to the lack of control over your location, black holes damage your ship, so you’ll need to spend time repairing it after you’ve traveled through one. While it can be more efficient to travel through a series of black holes to get to the galactic core, it’s going to cost you a lot more time in repairs.