Where to get salvaged frigate modules in No Man’s Sky

You want to pick wrecks clean or find them while assisting others in the galaxy

Image via Hello Games

Resources in No Man’s Sky can be a little difficult to locate, especially for those searching for research projects. These resources vary from things you obtain on a planet to items you salvage from shipwrecks. A particularly useful item to locate are salvaged frigate modules. You can turn them into a freighter research terminal for a variety of different blueprints. 

You can only locate these items from crashed freighters, by participating in a frigate expedition, or for completing specific missions at the Nexus. Make sure to read the quest’s reward to verify if you will receive a salvaged frigate module or not before accepting it.

Crashed freighters are a point of interest on planets you explore. They’re random, so there’s no exact formula or method to locating them. Still, you can pinpoint the location of one by solving a puzzle at a transmission tower, which is another point of interest on a planet. You can find transmission towers by speaking to aliens on space stations who can provide the location to you, or by using your signal scanner. The reward for solving the puzzle of a transmission tower will be a crashed ship or a crashed freighter. If you get a crashed ship, you won’t be able to locate a salvaged frigate module.

A great way to find out where these are on planets is by touring around with your ship and picking up their location. You might find yourself spending a great deal of time exploring a planet doing this, so the next best thing is to find a quest at the Nexus that offers it as a reward.

You need to work for acquiring salvaged frigate modules, and some of it is a bit of luck. The best method is to return to the Nexus to check out the available quests you can receive to obtain the resource you’re after. You won’t always find it, but you can try to find it using a living ship or also check out space encounters along the way.