Colleagues 1 Quest Guide – Escape From Tarkov

Tackle the first part of Escape from Tarkov’s new quest!

As part of the 12.7 update that has come to Escape from Tarkov, the new Colleagues quest is a multi-step quest with the first step possibly being rather difficult without knowing where to look.

This is why we are here. To get started on Colleagues Part 1, first navigate to your Tasks tab and check the Colleagues Part 1 quest from the Therapist. You’ll see the following objectives along with a mission description:

  • Locate the group sent to the Health Resort
  • Find the group sent to the Pier
  • Locate the group sent to the Cottages
  • Survive and leave the area

“Good afternoon. It is obvious that in the current difficult situation, everyone who has medical knowledge is worth their weight in gold, not to mention practicing doctors. And it looks like such a doctor has appeared. I was told that someone on the Shoreline is treating the locals and selling them medicine. Several groups I had hired went there. They need to find this doctor, to enter into negotiations, and to offer the best conditions. But today, none of the groups got in touch. We need these medications. Find my people and find out what happened.”

Colleagues 1 Quest Walkthrough

So there you go: you have to find these three groups and then survive long enough to leave the area.

Health Resort Location

At the Health Resort, head over to the Helicopter and check underneath it. You’ll find the body there. All you’ll need to do is stand near the body, and it will count towards the quest.

Health Resort Location

Cottage Location

Head over to the Shoreline part of the map and look for the lockable cottages. The body will be by these.

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Cottage Location

Pier Location

Near the Pier Extraction Point, you will see a blue horse. There is a body outside of the building you need to enter, which is how you’ll know where to go. Go inside the building and check out the body on the ground.

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Pier Location

Since this is an extraction point, it is good to do this location last to escape easily. Remember that you have to complete these steps in the same raid. If you die or leave without getting all three locations, the quest will reset.

Escape from Tarkov is available now on PC and Mac.