How to complete Rendezvous 1 in No Man’s Sky Expedition 2: Beachhead/Normandy

Reach the first Rendezvous Point.


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Rendezvous 1 is the fifth and final Milestone in Phase One of No Man’s Sky Expedition 2: Beachhead/Normandy. To complete it, you need to reach the first Rendezvous Point, but it’s not always clear how to do that. This guide explains how to complete Rendezvous 1, so you can get on with traveling to the other Rendezvous Points in the Expedition.

Step 1: Warp to the right system and planet

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You first need to use your Freighter to warp to the correct system and planet within that system. To do this, open the Expedition menu and ensure that you’re tracking Rendezvous 1 as the current Milestone. If not, you won’t see the Rendezvous Point on the galaxy map or when flying around the system. Follow the yellow indicator to the right system, and then land as close to the Rendezvous Point as you can on the marked planet. However, this still won’t get you to the exact spot.

Step 2: Use your tactical visor

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Once you’ve landed, open your tactical visor to align yourself with the direction that the Rendezvous Point is in. You need to walk and run that way until you reach a huge pillar on this frozen planet. When you arrive, the Milestone will be completed, and you’ll see a control panel unfold at the front of the pillar. You can use this location to teleport to any other planet in the galaxy, providing you have the coordinates and Glyphs to do so.

With the Milestone complete, you can claim 1,000 Nanites, three Inventory Slot Expansions, a Storage Augmentation, and a Multi-Tool Expansion Slot from the Expedition menu.