How to complete Rewind Tapes task in Security on Airship in Among Us

Make sure security is locked down tight.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Airship map in Among Us features several new tasks for the game that new players will want to know how to complete to ensure the Imposter does not defeat them. A task on the Airship is to Rewind the Tapes in the Security room. This is the only task for the Security room.

Where to find Security

The Security room is a little hidden. It’s on the bottom of the map. You can find it by going to the right side through the Main Hall, down to the Electrical area, and the left will be the Security area. Alternatively, on the left side of the map, you can find it by going through the Armory, through the Kitchen, and on the other side of the hallway is the Security room.

Screenshot by Gamepur

How to Rewind Tapes in Security

When you arrive at the Security room, go to the control panel that is highlighted in yellow. When you do, an old tape will appear. You want to adjust the bottom time to match the time placed on the sticky note at the center of the tape. You need to click the rewind button on the far left or the fast forward on the far right, to adjust the bottom time to match the green one. When you get close to the time, hit the pause button and then slowly adjust it using the rewind or fast forward icons. When the two numbers match, the task is finished.

Screenshot by Gamepur