How to complete Space Invader in Deathloop

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A Visionary on the island, Charlie, is the head of technology in Deathloop. You’ll have the chance to see how effective his security walls are by facing off against him. This guide details how to complete the Space Invader Lead. You’ll only be able to complete this Lead during the afternoon time of day while visiting the Updaam region of Blackreef.

When you arrive, you need to make your way to Condition Detachment, Charlie’s mansion. You’ll want to work your way through the courtyard and the gateway with the two 00s above it. There’s going to be a sensor guarding the gate, but if you stick to the wall to the left of it or go to the right, you can hack it without being seen. Several Eternalists will be wandering around, and we recommend handling them rather than allowing them to linger.

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When you reach the other side, you’ll arrive in front of the build that has several space-themed cardboard cutouts surrounding it. There will also be a single Eteranlists guarding the bridge, so make sure to take care of them. You then want to proceed up the stairs where even more Eternalists are waiting for you. They’re blocking the entrance to the building. Make your way through them to continue the mission.

There’s going to be the primary entrance to the building on the left side. Before you enter, an intercom will play, informing you that you’re the Invader, and you’ll have to work your way up through the building to make it to Charlie. Alternatively, there is a window on the upper right side that you can reach if you have the Shift Slab. You’ll also have to hack the antenna to open the window.

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While the window makes it easier to climb the building, you’re still going to be facing off against multiple Eternalists along the way. We recommend using a silenced weapon if you want to avoid too many enemies coming for you. It’s a shooting gallery inside.

Your goal is to make it to the fourth floor of the building and into Charlie’s sanctuary. You can find this location by sticking to the left side of the room. While exiting this area, there will be several mines attached to the wall. Disable them before moving forward. You’ll then have to hack the entrance to Charlie’s sanctuary. Inside, there are going to be two ballistic turrets you need to hack.

Proceed through the next room until you reach Charlie’s workshop. Inside this area, you’ll find his Minicom. You want to read the message titled ‘Charlie, Fia,’ and learn of Charlie and Fia meeting up later that afternoon. Unfortunately, the location is not named. You’ll have to find it in Charlie’s room. The piece of evidence you need to find is next to Charlie’s bed, in the picture. Read it, and you’ll learn that Charlie and Fia are meeting in Karl’s Bay during the evening and night. You’ll also receive a code into the safe to learn about where they’re going to rendevous.

Once you’re in Karl’s Bay, all you have to do is follow the waypoint to the final destination. When you arrive, crack the safe inside the building, and you’ll have completed Space Invaders. You’ll also unlock the Visionary Lead, Afternoon Delight.