How to complete the Apocalypse Challenge in Phasmophobia

Welcome to Sunny Meadows.

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With the arrival of Halloween, Phasmophobia is celebrating the terrifying month with the Apocalypse Challenge. The Apocalypse Challenge allows you to earn trophies for your lobby room. However, there are a few requirements you will need to meet if you want to earn these unique trophies. This guide covers how to complete the Apocalypse Challenge in Phasmophobia.

What is the Apocalypse Challenge, and how to complete it in Phasmophobia?

The Apocalypse Challenge for Phasmophoba celebrates the Apocalypse update. For this challenge, you will need to jump into the Sunny Meadows Mental Institution map while playing on custom difficulty. The custom difficulty modifiers must be increased to at least 15x, 20x, or 24x or more. This will reward you with a bronze, silver, or gold trophy for your equipment room. The trophies will go in your display cabinet on the far side of the room in your lobby.

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After you have a custom difficulty created that increases the difficulty beyond at least 15x, the next step is to make sure you complete all four objectives in your Phasmophobia map and get a ghost photograph. You do not need to get a picture of the bone, but you do need to correctly guess what type of ghost you’re investigating.

The final requirement for the Apocalypse Challenge is to make sure you complete this in single-player mode. You can do this with other players. It is purely a single-player experience, and you must ensure you are not playing with friends if you plan to participate in this event.

The Apocalypse Challenge will take place in-game. You do not to take a screenshot or send a video to the Kinetic Games development team while the challenge is happening. When you complete the challenge, a trophy should eventually appear in your cabinet in Phasmophobia, and it will remain there.