How to complete the Fragrance and Fish quest in Lost Ark

What’s black and white, and lead all over?

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Just north of Anikka lies Panda Island, a sleepy little island hosting, as the name would imply, pandas — both giant pandas as well as some winged species of red panda. Coated in dense forests of bamboo, this island hides a handful of secret passageways that will reveal themselves to keen-eyed adventurers.

Chungshu’s stone tablet

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Chungshu, a red panda resting by Panda Island’s beach, holds a stone tablet bearing unusual writing. Taking the red panda’s tablet and trying to read it, the player finds that it requests finding three locations on the island that meet three positional requirements.

  • Behind a stone lantern
  • Past a panda
  • Crosses with a cliff

These locations are not marked by a quest marker on the island’s map, leaving their discovery to the player’s exploration. It’s also worth noting that, while the tablet specifies locations on the island, this doesn’t inherently mean locations on Panda Island’s map per se.

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Location one: Behind a stone lantern

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In the northeastern corner of Panda Island, the bamboo and treeline part to reveal a clearing leading north. This spot leads off of the indicated map and also conveniently houses a Mokoko Seed out of bounds.

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Location two: Past a panda

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A small panda sits among stalks of bamboo along the island’s western coast. After passing this panda to the north, the player can then head south along a concealed pathway and off of the map’s boundaries to find another Mokoko Seed.

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Location three: Crosses with a cliff

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The very southernmost tip of Panda Island ends in a sheer cliff face. However, players can leap across this cliff to a rocky outcrop lying far outside of the map’s borders, leading down to a remote fishing spot.

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