All Tooki Island Mokoko Seed locations in Lost Ark

Tooki Island’s Mokoko seeds are a secret hidden within a secret.

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Tooki Island presents a gimmicky yet interesting diversion for mid-game Lost Ark players looking for new gear. The temporarily appearing island (or multiple islands, depending on the context) is only accessible by players every four hours throughout the day, though it does hide away some Mokoko seeds from players looking to fill out their collection.

While some players may enjoy the scavenger-hunt aspects of seeking out all of the Mokoko seeds, the most challenging hunt on Tooki Island has to do with finding the island itself.

Locating Tooki Island: Needle in an ocean

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Exploring on Tooki Island is a time-oriented activity. The event, as detailed in Lost Ark’s integrated events calendar, occurs on the 50-minute mark of every fourth hour (12:50, 4:50, 8:50, and so on).

Ten minutes before the event starts, at the 40-minute mark, a notice will be sent out to all sea-bound Lost Ark players that Tooki Island has appeared, which is to say, an island has appeared somewhere. Tooki Island can spawn in one of four locations across Arkesia’s wide oceans. The correct location of the island will appear as a wide, shimmering vortex in the water.

From the island’s appearance, players have ten minutes to hustle to the vortex before it despawns, potentially leaving them behind. While solo players are likely to initially treat this phenomenon as an unintended bug or a wild goose chase, the community has taken up the task of coordinating the location of active Tooki events through the in-game chat channels.

On top of all these contingencies, players must also bring a character of level 50 and at least equipment level 250 to even set foot on the island should they find it.

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Mokoko Seed 1: In the treeline by the shore

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The green of this Mokoko seed by the docks of the eastern island is cleverly well-concealed by the green of overhead palm trees. Nestled additionally behind a rock, it’s pretty easy to miss.

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Mokoko Seed 2: By the fishing platform

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Tooki Island offers one location where players can train their fishing trade skills and hunt for unique feast-related loot. To the left of its stump-like dock, players may notice the yellow core of a Mokoko seed peering out from behind a fern.

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Mokoko Seed 3: Literally in a mushroom

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This seed is extremely well-hidden, such that no screenshots or directions will exactly do its location justice. On the northernmost island, under the red mushroom headlining a cluster of foliage at its center, the shimmer of a Mokoko seed can just barely be seen emanating through a chip in its cap.

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