How to complete the Frozen Memories quest in Lost Ark

Lay souls to rest in the repeatable Frozen Memories quest.

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Frozen Memories is one of Una’s Tasks that can prove useful to Lost Ark players when honing their gear, as its completion guarantees rewards of early Star’s Breaths. However, it’s possible that most players have never even attempted, let alone completed Frozen Memories, likely because they can’t find it in their list of potential tasks. Before they can complete Frozen Memories, they must first complete a hidden side-quest related to treasure-hunting.

Preparing to complete Frozen Memories

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Frozen Memories will not appear on the available Una’s Tasks list until players complete the Wandering Memories quest. While Wandering Memories follows the same standard, Walk to the quest NPC, and mash-G format that most of Lost Ark’s quests emulate, starting Wandering Memories requires that players first receive a drop from one of Shushire’s unique monsters.

This drop comes in the form of a sword, known as Bloody Spirit’s Memory, that results from killing Bloody Spirit Moun, a demi-boss located in the southwestern arena of Icewing Heights. To start Wandering Memories, Bloody Spirit Moun only needs to be slain once, as his sword has a 100% chance to drop on the first kill.

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Completing Frozen Memories

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Once Wandering Memories has been completed, it’s time to gather memory fragments from the slain monsters of Icewing Heights. While Frozen Memories requires the collection of 100 memory fragments, each defeated standard monster will only drop one fragment each, which can lead to this task dragging on gradually.

Fortunately, Bloody Spirit Moun has more to contribute to the player’s questing process after having collected his blade. While Frozen Memories is active, every subsequent slaying of Moun will grant the player 30 memory fragments. This means that players can wrap this quest up from start to finish in three back-to-back Moun kills, provided that a few standard monsters walk in the way of incoming attacks and die to the player collaterally.

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