All quests that give Harmony Shards in Lost Ark

Power through the honing grind by gathering thousands of Honing Shards.

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Harmony Shards are a crafting material in Lost Ark that are used extensively in the process of honing the player’s equipment through tier-one item levels. Due to the improbable, RNG-dependent nature of successfully honing a piece of equipment, players looking to get ahead on their progression and move on to the MMO’s late-game content will want to stockpile as many Harmony Shards as possible over the course of their journeys in Arkesia. Fortunately, plenty of quests scattered around the world map will reward players with these shards.

Quests that give Harmony Shards

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Players who make the most of their daily login content can earn plenty of Harmony Shards from the repeatable completion of several Una’s Tasks. The following five tasks will grant Harmony Shards in varied amounts once per day.

  • Another Hard Day at Work — 340 shards
  • Crook Catcher — 520 shards
  • Die a Hundred Deaths — 460 shards
  • Fairy’s Friend — 400 shards
  • Moronto’s Agent — 340 shards

Note that only three tasks can be completed per day, meaning that players will need to pick and choose the route they take to maximize their Harmony Shard output. Alternatively, those looking for a predetermined island route can find a quick and efficient one here.

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While on the topic of islands, completionist players who hop from island to island in pursuit of Island Tokens will appreciate that many island-based quest-lines will reward players with Harmony Shards upon completion. These islands, while varying in location and difficulty, will all provide one-time shard rewards.

  • Dreamgull Island
  • Fantasm Island
  • Glacier Isle
  • Kharmine’s Lair
  • Panda Island
  • Shadow Island
  • Starlight Isle
  • Toto Silver Island
  • White Wave Island

A handful of these islands, notably Kharmine’s Lair and Fantasm Island, exist to the west of Procyon’s wall. This means that players looking to maximize their Harmony Shard output should expect to already have a tier-two character on hand to reach these destinations.