How to complete The Games We Play in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

The Safety Dance, Macarena, and Whip/Nae Nae are not required.

Image via Blizzard

Ardenweald contains some of the most beautiful scenery in all of World of Warcraft. You wouldn’t expect this zone of the Shadowlands to contain such a zany quest like The Games We Play, but Blizzard does leave us guessing at times. In this case, we will eliminate some of the guesswork and tell you how to finish The Games We Play on your way to completing the Tricky Spriggans quest line.

After you accept the quest from Elder Gwenna, your map will highlight an area directly behind you, not far away. Head to the circled location, and you’ll come across a suspicious-looking Giggling Basket. Interact with it to speak to the basket, and a Playful Trickster will begin talking to you. Left-click on this NPC to keep it tagged, as the next section will involve hitting it with several emotes.

After the Playful Trickster says “Then let’s begin!” you can get your chat box ready. Input the following emotes from the right column when you see the line in the left column:

“Not so much as a word of praise! Hmph!”/praise
“The other spriggans were all cheering my name for days!”/cheer
“I could just dance for an eternity! Dance with me!”/dance
“Introductions are an important part of first impressions!”/introduce
“Some ask permission, and always thank us for our trouble.”/thank
“Oh, to see such a display! How strong he must have been!”/flex

After answering with all of the correct gestures, the spriggan will come away impressed, and give you the secret you need to take advantage of the boss. Head back to Elder Gwenna with this hot piece of news and you’ll be ready to finish the story with Outplayed.