How to complete the Horsing Around challenge in Hitman 3

Put the head in the bucket, 47.


Screenshot by Gamepur

By completing all the objectives in Season of Gluttony’s new Escalation, The Gluttony Gobbling, you can complete most of the new challenges that have been added to the game. However, there are two that you won’t unlock by following what the Pig says. This guide covers how you can complete the Horsing Around challenge.

How to complete the Horsing Around

The Horsing Around challenge requires you to find the cowboy bust in the revamped version of Chongqing at some point in The Gluttony Gobbling and feed it to the Pig. All you need to do is throw it in the bucket along with the rest of the food that you feed it. However, you’ll have to find it first.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The cowboy bust is located in the main apartment building. It’s in the stairwell on the first floor, sitting on top of some boxes. See below for a map reference for the bust.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can pick up all the grapevines you need by reaching this area and killing all the blue pig mask NPCs you come across along the way. Then, all you need to do is pick up two fish, and you can complete every objective for the level. The only tricky part is navigating the three NPCs in the common area before you reach the stairwell. It’s easiest to get in here from the apartment building rooftop but to get out, you’ll need to use the cowboy bust as a weapon for all the non-mask-wearing NPCs.