How to complete the houseboat puzzle in FAR: Changing Tides

A home to call your own.


Screenshot by Gamepur

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The puzzles in FAR: Changing Tides each award you a new upgrade for your ship. You’ll need most of them to help speed you along through the world and collect fuel more efficiently. However, there’s one that just gives you a new space to relax in. This guide explains how to complete the houseboat puzzle, so you have a home on your boat.

Step 1: Climb the tower

Screenshot by Gamepur

The first part of this puzzle requires you to climb up the two portions of the crane. You’ll need to use the levers you come across to erect the portions first, then you can climb the ladders on them to the top of the large structure nearby.

Step 2: Repair the lift

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you’ve made it inside the tower, you’ll see a lift that’s broken. You need to pick up the repair box nearby and hold it over the lever to fix it. Then, use the lever to descend into the structure and see a few images that portray the old world.

Step 3: Connect the houseboat

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you’re at the bottom, you can exit the tower and press the large blue button to activate the houseboat crane. Then, you need to use each lever to line the houseboat up with your ship. You’ll know the lever is in the right place because the light next to it will turn on. As soon as both lights are on, the houseboat will lower into place.

Step 4: Open the door

Screenshot by Gamepur

The final part of this puzzle is opening the large door blocking your exit. Swim under the water and through the gap in the metal at the bottom. Keep swimming along, and you’ll find a blue button. You need to swim against the blue button to push it in and open the door, so you can sail out of this facility.