How long does it take to beat FAR: Changing Tides?

Relax and enjoy it for a morning.


Screenshot by Gamepur

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FAR: Changing Tides is a thoughtful game that takes you on a journey across the ocean that’s consumed the world we know today. It’s also the sequel to FAR: Lone Sails, which has developed a small cult following over the years, but with so many other games on the market, it can be difficult to justify playing smaller titles like this one. That’s why we’ve put together this guide for how long FAR; Changing Tides is.

How many hours will it take to finish FAR: Changing Tides?

Screenshot by Gamepur

While we played FAR: Changing Tides for review, we completed the game in just under five hours. This wasn’t a speedrun by any means, as we spent a lot of time exploring the environment, diving for fuel unnecessarily to experience more of the mechanics and look for bugs and secrets. However, if you play the game from start to finish without any optional exploration or looking at the items the radar picks up, you can probably finish the game in three or four hours.

This game is perfect for a rainy weekend morning when there’s nothing to do, and you want to sit down and relax. The game settles into a rhythm of puzzles and sailing early on, and that flow never makes you sit forward and concentrate for so long that you feel stressed about your lack of progress.