How to complete the engine puzzle in FAR: Changing Tides

Get some propulsion.


Screenshot by Gamepur

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The second major puzzle you’ll encounter in FAR: Changing Tides sees your boat’s path blocked by an old tanker, one that’s fallen into the water. To get past it, you need an engine that can give you the power required to push it out of the way. This guide explains how to complete the engine puzzle, so you’re not left stranded for too long.

Step 1: Push the box and feed the engine

Screenshot by Gamepur

Get out of your ship and vault over the tanker from the top. In the water beyond it, you’ll find a box that you can push up against the nearby wood to get up and over the obstacle. This next area has an engine on rails. Get inside, pick up the object, then walk over to the furnace and drop it. This will add fuel to the engine. All you need to do now is jump on the bellows to start a fire and drive the engine upwards. This puzzle teaches you how to feed your engine.

Step 2: Drive the engines

Screenshot by Gamepur

This second part of the puzzle teaches you how to drive your boat. An engine on the right-hand side of the rails needs some fuel. Add it in and use the bellows to start the fire. Then, when the fire is burning, get above it and use the lever to direct it to drive to the left.

Once the engine has gone as far as it can, leave through the roof exit, and you’ll enter an even larger engine. You must now drive this one to the left again, but when the carriage is above your ship, you need to stop. Press the button n the carriage to cause it to lower a new node to the boat and give you an engine of your own.

Step 3: Get out of there

Screenshot by Gamepur

Now that you have your own engine, it’s time to load it up with fuel, start the fire, and drive it through the tanker. You can now use this in conjunction with your sail to get your ship up to speed and sailing as fast as possible.