How to complete the Il Sovrano heist in Red Dead Online

Here’s how you can steal a priceless pale-yellow diamond in Red Dead Online.

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Red Dead Online’s Blood Money update lets players live a life of crime, and while you can get by holding up stagecoaches, it’s much more fun to pull off heists. As such, players can now steal Il Sovrano, a massive pale yellow diamond. While the diamond isn’t locked behind a safe or in a lockbox, players will still have to go through some heavy defenses getting to it.

After starting the heist for Il Sovrano at any of Red Dead Online’s Blood Money NPCs, players will be dropped outside of the high-end town of Rhodes. At this phase, the targets are three individuals inside the saloon, on the second floor right above the bar. However, before heading in with guns drawn, it’s important to do some preparation.

If you walk down the main street, you’ll see the town’s gun store owner arguing with someone. Never mind what he’s saying, but head around to the right side of the building, where you’ll find a door. Head into the store and, while the owner has his back turned, head to the small closet straight ahead. Inside, you’ll find some dynamite, which will come in handy later.

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Sneak out of the gun store and look across the street towards the saloon. You should see a small stable with a drunk man sitting outside. As it so happens, he’s spilled some hooch inside, which makes for a decent fire hazard. Go inside the saloon and up to a couple of hay bales. You should be able to ignite them, distracting the two guards on the rear second-floor balcony of the saloon.

Once the guards are distracted, sneak up to the saloon’s rear balcony. On the other side of the door are your targets, so kick in the door, toss one of your newly acquired sticks of dynamite, and take cover. Once it goes off, a massive firefight is going to break out, so be sure to buff all of your stats. Burst back into the saloon, take out any enemies you can see, and loot the target marked in yellow on your minimap. They’ll have a note showing the location of the diamond.

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The heist doesn’t get any easier now, though. The law is sure to be on you, so quickly call your horse and hoof it over to the stagecoach. You’ll have officers following you this whole time, so take them out as you travel. Once you find the stagecoach, take out its riders and hijack it. From there, it’s a ride over to the dropoff point, but things aren’t too simple. You’ll still have the law riding after you, so be sure your health bar is buffed, and you should be fine.