How to complete The Murky Veil in No Man’s Sky Expedition 2: Beachhead/Normandy

Get your feet muddy.


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The Murky Veil is the seventh Milestone in the third Phase of No Man’s Sky Expedition 2: Beachhead/Normandy. To complete it, you need to visit a swamp planet, which is pretty tough to do due to the way planets are described in No Man’s Sky. This guide explains how to complete The Murky Veil along the Expedition path, so you don’t need to divert or waste time with unnecessary travel.

Step 1: Warp to Pepdran-Kuhilk

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Pepdran-Kuhilk is a system between the second and third Rendezvous Point in this Expedition. You’ll need to travel through it on your way to complete¬†Rendezvous 3, but it’s worth stopping there for a brief time so that you can complete this Milestone.¬†

Step 2: Visit Xingle Alpha

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Once you’re in the system, travel to and land on Xingle Alpha, then get out of your ship, and the Milestone should be completed. All you need to do is visit a swamp world, so now you can get back in your ship and warp towards the third Rendezvous Point. As you can see, this is a tiny pit stop on your route across the galaxy, but well worth it when you don’t need to think about yet another Milestone in the future. Once the Milestone has been completed, you can claim a Supreme Life Support Upgrade, a Fossil Sample, and a Supreme Hazard Protection Upgrade from the Expedition menu.