How to complete the Raceway Regular achievement for the Shadow of the Mad King Festival in Guild Wars 2

Everyone’s a little mad here.

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The Mad King’s Festival is the spookiest time of year in Guild Wars 2. Following the Halloween holiday, this festival allows players to enjoy many events hosted by the one and only King of the spooky. The Mad King’s Festival has evolved in recent years, adding more events suited to the changes brought about by the expansion packs, particularly those of the Mounts, added in the Path of Fire expansion. One of these mini-game modes is called the Mad King’s Raceway, and players can collect many achievements in this mode. This guide details how to complete Raceway Regular achievement in Guild Wars 2, the Mad King’s Festival.

How to find the Mad King’s Raceway

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To enter the Mad King’s Raceway, you’ll have to speak to one of the Mad King’s Boatmasters. You’ll find them near the doors to the Mad King’s realms, whether you’re in Lion’s Arch, one of the larger cities, or randomly in the world. Speak to them, and they’ll offer you a choice of destination, and select the Mad King’s Raceway. This will instantly teleport you to the instance, and you’ll find yourself standing in a haunted cornfield and graveyard.

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How to enter the races in the Mad King’s Raceway

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There are different ways to enter races, and you’ll have to complete sixteen races in total for the Annual Event completion of Raceway Regular. You can wait for the big race event, which spawns every few minutes in the game. You’ll have to wait inside the designated area until the race starts and only move out when they grant your permission, or you’ll be disqualified. This race is a series of laps around the Mad King’s Raceway, giving you plenty of time to beat your opponents.

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There are also time trials where you can attempt to beat your friends’ times by clearing the courses as quickly as possible. Like in the main race, there will be floating pumpkins that will dismount you and slow your time down. You can avoid them by jumping through them if you have the Mastery for evasion on the Jackal. There are three different Time Trial races:

  • Roll in Madness
  • Pumpkin Paradise
  • Li’l Eddies Bunny Bounce

Each of these requires you to use a different combination of Mounts. Luckily, you can use mount rentals in the area to rent the Mounts you’ll need, making your race that much easier. There is no fixed rule, however, that you have to use the specific Mount the race is for; you can use a Skyscale for the Bunny Bounce and a Roller Beetle for the Pumpkin Paradise.