How to farm the Mad King’s Labyrinth in Guild Wars 2

Follow the leader.

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The Mad King comes around once a year during the Halloween season in Guild Wars 2. During this time, players are able to access the Mad King’s Labyrinth, which is an enemy-filled location, complete with Mini-Bosses and plenty of loot to obtain. The Labyrinth is a firm favorite among players looking to earn loot and spooky-themed skins from the game. There’s also a trick to farming this Labyrinth efficiently and quickly. In this guide, we’ll detail how to farm the Mad King’s Labyrinth in Guild Wars 2.

Following a Commander in the Mad King’s Labyrinth in Guild Wars 2

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There’s a certain etiquette to the Labyrinth. A player will choose to put on a Commander tag and lead the players along in a large group. During this time, players should only kill what the Commander stops at, and no one should open the doors without the Commander being present. This is a way to control what you’re fighting and to prevent utter chaos. While there are a lot of people, and the smaller groups of enemies will die quickly, you will still farm dozens of Trick-or-Treat bags in record time.

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Best Classes for farming the Mad King’s Labyrinth in Guild Wars 2

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Any class that can make AoE (Area of Effect) attacks is the most efficient at farming the Labyrinth. You can play with any class, but some really are better than others, particularly for the smaller and lower HP enemies. These are some of the best classes:

  • Ranger with a Longbow with armor-piercing talent, or Axe.
  • Thief with a Shortbow 
  • Elementalist with Staff.

The reason these classes excel is that they’re able to hit multiple foes with their attacks, meaning you’ll gain loot from all the foes that are killed. Classes with slower attacks like a Necromancer with a Staff, will struggle to hit all the enemies in time.

Steve the Labyrinthine Horror

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There’s a giant skeleton, nicknamed Steve, that haunts the Labyrinth. He spawns after a certain amount of time, and he’ll chase your group. The larger your Commander’s group, the less of an issue Steve becomes in the game. However, be wary if you’re solo running the Labyrinth.