How to complete the Rollendritch Standing Stones Puzzle in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

The perfect angle.

The land of England is full of mysteries to uncover in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and many of them will require you to solve a puzzle to unlock its secrets. Some are pretty straightforward, while others prove to be rather tricky.

Take the Standing Stones puzzle at Rollendritch, a puzzle that has you trying to align a specific image by positioning Eivor in the right place. There aren’t many hints to go off when you find this location, so to help you out, we have the solution right here for you.

Finding Rollendritch

To find the puzzle, you will need to go to Glowecestrescire, north and slightly to the west of Oxenforda. There is a small drawing of the rock formation on the map before you have discovered it for yourself.

Solving the puzzle

Once you have found the right place, you will find an inscription on a stone in the middle of the group. Reading this will cause a voice, Brendan of Clonfert, to speak to you. Once he is done talking, look at the symbol on the stone; this is the symbol you will need to recreate.

If you use your Odin’s Vision, you will see drawings on the stones nearby. You will need to find the right place to stand, look at the stones, and use your Odin’s Vision to recreate the symbol on the rock.

To find the right place, look just south of the rocks with the images on them. You should see a small rock nestled between two similar-looking trees. You need to stand right behind this rock and look at the stones.

You will need to position Eivor here and move your camera around to get the right angle, and when you are close, the camera will automatically zoom in for you. Keep making some small adjustments until the symbol is complete, which will trigger a burst of light and a voice-line from Eivor.

Solving this puzzle will get you a Skill Point, and one of Glowecestrescire’s Mysteries checked off the list.