How to complete The Spirit of Love in Shin Megami Tensei V

Defeat Leanan Sidhe.

Image via Atlus

The Spirit of Love quest is one you complete for Apsaras in Shin Megami Tensei V. The demon tells you that she wants you to hunt down and defeat Leanan Sidhe, who is attempting to use her seductive words to lure weaker demons to her side. You’ll be tasked with tracking her down and beating her in battle, should you accept this quest.

You start this quest by speaking to Apsaras in the Netherworld region. You can find her to the east of the Shiba Leyline.

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After speaking with her, you’ll have to track down Leanan and find her in the Shiba Park region, south of Tokyo Plaza. She will be sitting next to a giant mechanical man, Ippon-Datara.

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When speaking to her, you’ll have the option to listen to her side of the story, or you can choose to complete the mission for Apsaras. By choosing to complete the mission, you’ll need to battle against Leanan and Ippon-Datara. She will be level 17, and Ippon-Datara will be level 13. Both combatants are weak to Light-based attacks, and we highly recommend using any skills that utilize this damage type to make short work of them. Of the two, you’ll want to aim for Leanan first.

Following the conclusion of the fight, Leanan flees the scene. You can now return to Apsaras at her cave in Shiba. She rewards you with two Health Incenses, and she joins your party. She is level 16 with a weakness to Fire, but she is resistant to Ice damage.