How to complete the Stagecoach Stickup Crime from James Langton in Red Dead Online

Here’s how you can run down some extra capitale.

Red Dead Online’s Blood Money update gives a number of its more treacherous NPCs some extra content for players to access in the form of Crimes. Stagecoach Stickups are common crimes between all NPCs, including James Langton. After taking the mission from him, carrying out the deed is like taking capitale from a baby.

Once you accept the mission, you’ll have to ride to the last known location of the stagecoach carrying the capitale stash. On arriving, you’ll find a camp full of dead men and lockboxes. Don’t bother looking through the lockboxes; they’re all empty. Instead, search each body and then hop up on the wagon in the camp. After searching a body, a pack of predators will attack you; first badgers, then coyotes. After fighting them off and finding the stagecoach’s delivery schedule, you’ll be able to chase it down.

Screenshot by Gamepur

With the delivery schedule found, all that’s left to do is run it down and take out its handful of guards. Afterward, another man will step out with a bag of capitale. Take him out, grab the bag, and hit the dirt. A group of four outlaws will continuously spawn and chase you down, but they can easily be outrun. Deliver the capitale, and you’ll complete your mission.