How to complete the Visions of Dragonfall collection in Guild Wars 2

Dragonfall is more than its Meta.

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Dragonfall is the last map of the Living World Season 4 story season in Guild Wars 2. It is the site of a very popular map Meta event, in which players must fight an Elder Dragon, and it also has a series of exciting and unique biomes. Piecing various parts of the Human Gods’ realms into a precise map, players can experience the greenery of Melandru, all the way to the decay of Grenth. This map is also one of the maps that have the collection for the Legendary Trinket Vision. In this guide, we’ll explain where you need to go and what you must obtain in order to complete this achievement.

What you’ll need to do to complete the Visions of Dragonfall collection

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Before heading to this map, you’ll need to have completed the Riding Skyscales achievement. You’ll also need to have a Memory Essence Encapsulator in your inventory.

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Heavy Corsair BootsYou’ll have to complete the “War Eternal” Mastery or the Dragonfall Reward Track to earn this Skin.
Visions of Dragons: AureneYou need to access the Memory Fragment. It is located above the Pact Command Waypoint, near General Almorra Soulkeeper. This Memory Fragment can be access from the top of the airship as well as from the pillar. You’ll need a Skyscale.
Vision of Allies: ZafirahYou must find the Torn Journal Page which is located near the Traveling Elonian Trader. The Trader is found at the Pact Command Waypoint.
Visions of Enemies: Ley-Infused EnemyYou will need to have a Memory Essence Encapsulator in your inventory. Then you must hunt down and defeat any ley-infused enemy.
Vision of Landscapes: DragonfallYou will need the Skyscale with the Rift Mastery unlocked to complete this. Head to the western side of the Wailing Basin of the Necrotic Coast. You’ll have to find the lonely tree and collect the Volatile Magic until the end of the rift.
Vision of Equipment: Dragon Champion ArmorYou need to only complete one tier of the Mist Shard Armor. This Armor can be in any weight class. If for some reason you don’t obtain the Armor through completing the Achievements, you can purchase them from the Traveling Elonian Trader.
Vision of Action: DragonfallYou will have to complete one of the following collections: Collect Eternal Embers, Collect Melandru’s Tears throughout Melandru’s Lost Domain, or, Collect Soul Binders throughout the Underworld.

The Memory Essence Encapsulator can be obtained from various merchants across the Living World Season 4 maps and costs 50 Ectoplasm, 10 Perfect Jewels, 1 Lesser Vision Crystal, and 3 Xunlai Electrum Ingot.