How to complete the Visions of Sandswept Isles collection in Guild Wars 2

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To complete the Vision Legendary Trinket in Guild Wars 2, which requires players to go through a lengthy, albeit rewarding process, players will need to visit all of the Living World Season 4 maps. In this portion of the collection, players need to head over to the Sandswept Isles, a map that hosts many beautiful landscapes and conflicts. This guide will explain what you’ll need to complete the Visions of Sandswept Isles collection and where you can find the items to do so.

What you’ll need to do to complete the Visions of Sandswept Isles collection

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You’ll need to obtain a variety of different items. These items will be obtained by completing a Reward Track or locating the items from their locations scattered across the map. You will also need access to a Skyscale with the Rift Mastery unlocked and obtaining the Trance Stone as a prerequisite for completing this collection.

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To ensure that you’ve unlocked the Mastery for your Skyscale, you should gain experience points by completing various activities across this or other Living World Season 4 maps. You’ll need to obtain and complete the following:

Olmakhan MantleComplete “A Bug in the System” Mastery or Sandswept Isles Reward Track.
Vision of Dragons: AureneThis item is at the top of a cliff, north of the Atholma Waypoint near a tree.
Vision of Allies: RoxInteract with the Unfinished Field Report which is north-west from the Atholma Waypoint. The Field Report is located atop a crate across from the Repair Anvil.
Vision of Enemies: Kuda’s SubjectsDefeat Kuda’s test subjects located inside the Specimen Chamber. You must have the Memory Essence Encapsulator in your inventory.
Vision of Landscapes: Sandswept IslesRequires a Skyscale. Access the rift above The Iron Whale, located near the Atholma Waypoint.
Vision of Equipment: Olmakhan BandolierYou should automatically obtain this after acquiring a Trance Stone. If not, you can buy one from Ethail in Atholma for 10 Volatile Magic and 80 Silver.
Vision of Action: Sandswept IslesThe quest you need is called “Catch as Many Fish as you Can!” It’s a level 80 event that happens in the Strait of Panube near the Driftwood Jetty. The event is triggered as a reward for completing the Gathering Storms meta.

By completing this achievement, you will earn 10 AP points and generate completion for the Legendary Trinket Vision.