How to complete the Wrongful Property Crime for Sean MacGuire in Red Dead Online

Get back Sean’s stash and earn some Capitale in this Blood Money Crime.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If there’s one thing that’s true in the world of Red Dead Online, it’s that you don’t steal from thieves. That’s why Sean MacGuire sends players after the Skinner Brothers in Red Dead Online. Of course, he’d gun for them himself, but the Skinner Bros. also seem to have a penchant for Capitale, which players can earn a bit of by taking on this Crime.

Once you accept the Wrongful Property Crime from Sean MacGuire, you’ll be dropped into the snowy mountains of Ambarino. From there, simply follow the marker on your minimap up the hill. Don’t follow the path it sets directly, though. Instead, head straight for the marker. You’ll eventually come across an abandoned wagon and a man walking away from it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

This is where you get to choose if you want to approach this Crime stealthily or with guns blazing. If you’re selecting a stealthy option, take a bow and shotgun with you. If you don’t mind making noise, choose a repeater and shotgun. The shotgun will be much more important when you get up into the mines, where you’ll find the money stash you’re after.

Until then, either sneak or shoot your way up the mountain. If you take the latter approach, be ready for a long fight. The Skinner family is a big one, and making noise on this mountain sends dozens of the bandits after you.

Once you’re in the mountain, head to the location shown in the picture below to find the money stash. You can also find a small box filled with Capitale in the cave directly behind, where you’ll find the cash. Once you have the bag, pull out your shotgun because it’s time to shoot your way out of the cave. You can really use any weapon, but because of how many enemies there will be and its close-quarters, it’s best to use a shotgun at this point.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After escaping the cave, ride over to the recipient and hand over the stash. Some Skinner Brothers will follow you, but they shouldn’t be too hard to either outrun or outgun.