How to complete Tracking a Wild God in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Follow your nose to the source of the trail.

Image via Blizzard

The Night Fae storyline in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands isn’t confined to the beautiful landscapes of Ardenweald. As part of the Deal for a Loa storyline, you will be sent to the Maw, eventually picking up a quest called Tracking a Wild God. Part of this quest is relatively straightforward, but some graphical issues may hamper your progress before you can turn in the quest. We’ll help you navigate any technical problems and ensure you can finish the rest of the quest chain.

First, make sure you’re not doing this in the instanced version of the Maw, where you would be completing daily quests related to Ve’nari reputation. After accepting the quest from the Spirit of Vol’jin, you should see a smoky path appear at your feet. Follow this directly to the source of the first clue: a Used Cage. Interacting with it will spawn Rulkros, a normal level 60 enemy who should go down easily. From here, you should head toward the second clue, but the smoky trail can start to glitch at this point, and you may be a bit lost, wondering where to go next.

You’re looking for another empty cage, which you’ll find at 35.7, 55.8. This counts as the second clue, and won’t spawn an enemy this time. The smoky trail may reappear now, but if you’re still having trouble seeing it, head to 37.6, 66.2. You won’t find a cage, but instead, the wounded body of Ashamane. Speak to Ashamane and Brynkros will appear. Dispose of this enemy much like you did with Rulkros, and the rest of this quest should be smooth sailing as you follow Ashamane across the bridge. Once the wild god is safely tucked inside the crystal, you can return to the Spirit of Vol’jin to complete the quest.