How to complete Una’s Tasks in Lost Ark

A daily set of quests.

Image via Amazon Games

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In Lost Ark, an MMORPG by Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games, there are certain daily activities you can do every day to earn rewards that help speed up your character’s progression. One of those activities is Una’s Tasks, which are daily quests that provide many rewards like Honor Shards and Leapstones.

Una’s Tasks are unlocked when you hit Level 50, and can begin progressing your gear and your character. Aside from rewards, Una’s Tasks also give reputation points. If you do enough of a certain task, you can unlock other rewards and quests which can lead to Island Tokens.

To complete Una’s Task, you need to find the Una’s Task menu first. The easiest way to find this menu is by pressing “Alt + J” on your keyboard.

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This brings up a menu that lists all of Una’s Tasks you can do for the day. You can also see the recommended Item Level, as well as all the rewards you’ll earn for completing a task. All you have to do is “Accept” a quest. Finish the quest, then return to the menu to collect the reward. You can do weekly quests as well by going to the “Weekly” menu, or “Guild Request” quests if you’re part of a guild.

Alternatively, if you have Una Task Instant Completion Passes, you can choose to finish the quest instantly instead. If you have these passes, there is no downside to doing this. You’ll end up saving time, so take advantage of these passes if you have them.