How to complete Virmire: Assisting Kirrahe’s Team in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Hold the line.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

When you’re working your way towards Saren’s base on Virmire alongside your squadmates and Captain Kirrahe’s team in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, you have the option to assist Kirrahe’s efforts. There are several small, hidden ways to make it, so they have an easier time, and you’ll be able to ensure more of his return to the Normandy at the end of the mission if you choose to save him, which you should. Whenever you complete these tasks, you’ll receive Paragon points.

How to assist Captain Kirrahe’s Team

Disrupt Communications

You’ll be able to complete this objective pretty early. It’ll be on the right side when you first start making your way towards Saren’s base. Clear the Geth outpost and then reach the top of the stairs. There will be a terminal station called the Triangulation Tower, and you can choose to Disrupt the communications coming from it.

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Destroy the Satellite Uplink

Continue moving down through the canyon until you reach the Satellite Uplink Tower. Due to the pathway and how it’s formed, you can’t miss this location. There are a handful of Geth protecting this location and a Krogan Warrior. Eliminate them, and then look up at the top of the outpost. There will be an object called Satellite Uplink. Shoot it, and you’ll make it harder for the Geth to fight back against Captain Kirrahe’s team. The Satellite Uplink device is easy to miss.

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Destroy the Flyers

The next objective you can complete on the way to Saren’s base is to destroy several Flyers at a nearby Refueling Platform. This location is easy to miss, but if you’re headed straight to the base, you might not catch it in the corner of your eye. Head up to this location, and destroy the drones here.

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Disable alarms

Regardless of the route, you take when entering Saren’s base, you’ll receive the option to handle the alarms before unlocking the door. You can choose to disable them or trigger them on the far side of the base. The best option is to disable the alarms and ensure more Geth and combatants stay on your side of the base.

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It is possible to lose Captain Kirrahe if you do not perform enough of these actions. When they fall, the teammate you sent with the team continues on the radio to update you about their progress.